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Lucyplast has 8 injection moulding machines of various tonnage, from 350/t to 2200/t. In the 1990s Lucyplast invented and patented the recycled plastic end-plates, changing the way film reels are packaged.

In 2007, the company designed and patented the extendable and modular pallet with original accessory kits to support the handling and storage of all film reels, both food and industrial, from the lightest to giants over 1000kg.

Lucyplast packaging systems are made with industrial waste plastics traced and the compounds of specific materials are obtained in compliance with the most stringent European regulations (e.g. R.o.s.h, R.e.a.c.h).

Focus: Circular Economy

Over the last 5 years, Lucyplast has implemented a policy of selecting waste materials from our partners to be used in flange compounds, making the most of the virtuous principles of circular economy.

Our products guarantee:

  • High reusability

  • Performance reliability

  • Compliance with what has been declared

  • Easy cleaning

  • Easy assembly

  • Stackability

  • Adaptability to all types of automatic and intensive warehouses

End-plates: a Lucyplast patent

Plastic end-plates is one of the most important elements that make up the packaging system for the transport, handling and storage of film reels, especially for food packaging manufacturers.

Our end-plates are moulded with 100% regenerated plastic granules; they can be reused countless times, regrinded and reintroduced into our production process for a life cycle tending towards infinity.

Important: they are resistant to high temperatures in wheel and sea transport (even 80°C). Our end-plates can be customised and are available in various colours and sizes.


What are the benefits?
Our end-plates are:

  • Stronger than wood chipboard

  • It is not affected by pathogens (fungi, moulds and bacteria)

  • It can be easily stacked thanks to the grafts it is equipped with

  • You can get different colours

  • It has a much longer life cycle than chipboard

  • It is recyclable

  • It is easy for the operator to manage

  • Does not absorb liquids

  • Does not transmits odours


The plastic plugs, also made of regenerated PP/PA/PEHD, helps the end-plates to keep the film reels perfectly stable both during transport and in storage, especially when several reels are stacked vertically on top of each other. This tool is introduced into the cardboard mandrel contained in the reel. LucyPlast plugs are available in different colours and sizes.


Stampaggio Pallet

To complete the innovative packaging system, LucyPlast has shaped a brand new advaced pallet, designed to meet the needs of large film reels producers and suitable also for other common uses. An alternative solution to the use of wood, which guarantees the highes certified standards, cost-effectiveness and sustainability according to the principles of circular economy.


  • Recovery of industrial waste plastics to be reused within the products: less waste, greater savings of raw materials and economic optimization of the same.

  • High reusability of packaging kit products at least 9/10 times in compliance with the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Wood is reused on average 2/3 times, while plastic packaging is completely recyclable and maintains an economic value over time. This includes the medium-term financial savings for the client.

  • The weight of the pallet is less than the wooden ones used to support the reels. Our pallet can be stackable, optimising storage space in the warehouses or while travelling on wheels (return and re-use of the parts to the customer).

  • Hygiene: easily washable component surfaces, not susceptible to pests or fungus, accepted in all countries of the world.

  • The second raw material used is PSV (Plastica Seconda Vita) certified and comes from traceable sources, such as pre-consumer industrial waste (mainly from companies producing food films).


Lucyplast also moulds accessories to improve the stability of film reels once they are placed on top of the pallet. Our range of recycled plastic supports and profiles is the solution to prevent particularly heavy reels from slipping during handling, thus avoiding even the slightest risk of damage to the film.

Stampaggio accessori


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