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Ethic Paper Values 2021 Winner: Accesible and Sustainable

"Globetrotter Kit places emphasis on the accessibility of the handling system, which is lightweight, space-optimized and compatible with automated warehouses. Another innovative strength is sustainability in environmental, economic and logistics terms."

The innovative soustainable, cost-effective and long-lasting packaging system made of recycled and recyclable plastics

Globetrotter stackable version 800x1200x140h

Globetrotter stackable version 800x1200x140h

 Globetrotter runners kit 800x1200

Globetrotter runners kit 800x1200

Globetrotter Cradle for heavy film reels

Globetrotter Cradle for heavy film reels

Anti-slip damper for end-plates mm 200x200

Anti-slip damper for end-plates 200x200

 Light End-plate 800 X 840 / hole 152

Light End-plate 800 X 840 / hole 152

Our solution: features that make the Kit Globetrotter Lucy Plast system unique

Lucy Plast intends to provide an alternative solution to the use of wood, guaranteeing approved and certified performance standards, applying the principle of circular economy, starting from regenerated and traced materials, making them recyclable and potentially infinitely repulpable.The System is equipped with accessories that represent the real technical novelty in the current market panorama and with Industrial Invention Patent no. 1365301 (UIBM ID. 102005901296418) entitled: "Transport and storage system for reels" filed in January 2021.

Moreover, considering the principle that high reuse of the asset is a fundamental requirement of our KIt Globetrotter, Lucy Plast has designed each element in such a way as to make the pallet (the main element of the kit) configurable to perfectly meet the most demanding needs of end users.

Materials and manufacturing technology

The kit is made entirely of 100% PPR (recycled polypropylene), certified PSV (Second Life Plastic).
In particular, after internal granulation of PPR (second raw material) with 4.0 technological systems, the material is injection moulded inside Lucy Plast (SHORT STRAW).

Our compound will also contain variable percentages of PP from pre-consumer industrial waste from the user customers themselves (Circular Economy).

Description of results obtained and benefits for the user:

  • 1.
    Certain weight of the LucyPlast packaging system lower than wood and not subject to any alteration. In fact, wooden packaging has variable weights and volumes depending on whether the season is dry, cold or wet. The Globetrotter Lucy Plast kit complete with all elements weighs 29 kg +/- 5%, while the same in wood has an average weight between 47kg and 56kg;
  • 2.
    The Lucy Plast kit is not attacked by spores, fungi and moulds in full compliance with hygienic regulations for worldwide transport;
  • 3.
    The individual elements of the kit have 85% closed surfaces, making it as easy as possible for operators to wash;
  • 4.
    High number of reuses (7/8 times) far superior to wood (2/3 times), in compliance with the user manual that Lucy Plast provides to users;
  • 5.
    The kit is made from recycled polypropylene MONOMATERIAL Lucy Plast materials: short chain;
  • 6.
    Versatile pallet, which can be used with or without flanges, for reels up to 800 mm in diameter and 650 kg in weight;
  • 7.
    Stackable system with 2 or 3 levels in height - without intermediate pallets;
  • 8.
    Adaptability to all automatic and intensive warehouse systems, without any problem of optical reading on the rails;
  • 9.
    Black colour for maximum sealing efficiency during transport at high temperatures and UV resistance;
  • 10.
    Benefits in the annual budget: reduced logistics costs, highly competitive selling price, high reuse, optimisation of storage space.
  • 11.
    END OF LIFE: Valorisation instead of disposal


  • Re-use up to 7/8 times in the distribution cycle of the user and/or secondary users
  • It is a returnable product
  • Product made from recycled PSV (Plastics Second Life) plastic materials
  • Being 100% mono-material (RPP) the product is easily and entirely recyclable in turn.


  • Re-use maximum 2/3 times (with maintenance). Most of the time it is used only once (disposable item) and, in general, there are not virtuous paths of circularity
  • Low recyclability, with no possibility of reuse in the same chain of origin.

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POR FESR 2014-2020 Axis I - Action 1.1.1. Call Industrial Research and Development 2020- SUPPORT: € 151.021,24 – CUP I82C200000650007 The Lucyplast project: LP MONDIAL KIT THE FUTURE C-ECONOMY PACKAGING SOLUTION FOR FILM REELS WORLDWIDE aims to realize a packaging kit made entirely of high-performance recycled plastic according to the full principles of circular economy.


La partecipazione alla fiera IPACKIMA MILANO dal 03/05/2022 06/05/2022 è stata realizzata con il sostegno dei fondi POR-FESR 2014-2020 – Asse II - Az.3.3.1 Avviso pubblico per progetti finalizzati alla partecipazione a fiere internazionali 2021-2022 CUP G88I22000420006 – CLP 3313684

POR FESR 2014-2020 Axis I - Action 3.4.1. Call for Innovative Investments 2019- SUPPORT: € 100.000,00 – CUP I81B21003850007. The Lucyplast project aims to improve the process of incoming materials with reference to quantity and quality

Participation at International exhibitions in Italy and abroad 2021-2022 realized with the support of the Funds "POR FESR Umbria 2014-2020 - Az. 3.3.1 - Public Notice Sviluppumbria SpA 2021-2022" CUP G88I22000420006


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