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Lucy Plast's Christmas present: 400€ to all staff members

20/12/2022 Lucy Plast's Christmas present: 400 € to all staff members

20/12/2022 "We will continue to support the professional development of all the company's staff, as we believe that strengthening skills is also a sign of caring and interest in people"

A special Christmas gift and help to cope with the high cost of living. The company Lucy Plast of Umbertide, a reference reality at European level in the processing of plastic materials, has awarded 400,00€ to each of its 88 staff members.
A gesture of thanks to all the people who, with their commitment, contribute every day to the company's growth and development, and at the same time a concrete sign of closeness to the employees and their families, at a time characterised by heavy price increases.
"We are aware," explain Donatello Meniconi and Raffaella Fiorucci, President and CEO of Lucy Plast, "of the impact that price increases have had on people's lives and habits, in an economically difficult period for everyone. We consider the company to be one big family, and for this reason we wanted to do our part by making a special contribution to those who dedicate themselves to their work with professionalism and dedication on a daily basis".
This Christmas initiative is in addition to a bigger investment by the company in the training of its employees: "We will continue," add the two directors, "to encourage the professional growth of all the company's staff, as we believe that strengthening skills is also a sign of attention and interest in people".
Lucy Plast, founded in Pietralunga in 1977 by Sandro Fiorucci, Oliviero Meniconi and Bruno Duranti, who had the intuition to recycle polypropylene, in its 45 years of activity has always distinguished itself for its team spirit as well as its capacity for innovation and respect for the environment. Firmly rooted in the territory, Lucy Plast deals with the collection, recycling, regeneration of plastic materials and injection moulding, using industrial and/or post-consumer waste.


POR FESR 2014-2020 Axis I - Action 1.1.1. Call Industrial Research and Development 2020- SUPPORT: € 151.021,24 – CUP I82C200000650007 The Lucyplast project: LP MONDIAL KIT THE FUTURE C-ECONOMY PACKAGING SOLUTION FOR FILM REELS WORLDWIDE aims to realize a packaging kit made entirely of high-performance recycled plastic according to the full principles of circular economy.


  • La partecipazione alla fiera IPACKIMA MILANO dal 03/05/2022 06/05/2022 è stata realizzata con il sostegno dei fondi POR-FESR 2014-2020 – Asse II - Az.3.3.1 Avviso pubblico per progetti finalizzati alla partecipazione a fiere internazionali 2021-2022 CUP G88I22000420006 – CLP 3313684

  • POR FESR 2014-2020 Axis I - Action 3.4.1. Call for Innovative Investments 2019- SUPPORT: € 100.000,00 – CUP I81B21003850007. The Lucyplast project aims to improve the process of incoming materials with reference to quantity and quality

  • Participation at International exhibitions in Italy and abroad 2021-2022 realized with the support of the Funds "POR FESR Umbria 2014-2020 - Az. 3.3.1 - Public Notice Sviluppumbria SpA 2021-2022" CUP G88I22000420006


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