We design and build internally both our own products and products for third parties, using a tailor made operating method, in order to satisfy the needs of each of our customers to our best ability. The various compound sector manufacturing processes use waste plastics from industrial operations as a raw materials, and only use a minimum quantity of consumer waste, which is collected and selected by controlled, specialist companies. At present, moulding activities represent approximately 35% of our company’s business.

The moulding department, which includes a significant range of injection moulding machine of up to 2200 t., uses regenerated granules to produce certified crates for the harvesting, storage and transportation of fruit and vegetables and a wide range of patented packaging products for the industrial sector, end plates for film rolls, plugs, containers, accessories and various plastic articles.


They are obtained by grinding polypropylene and polyethylene rigid packaging waste, both low and high density (PELD and PEHD)

They are obtained from the process of densification of flexible packaging waste


Marketing of virgin polyolefins (PP, PE)

We obtain the regenerated granules starting from the semi-finished product, through the drawing / extrusion process

They are blends of polymers, fillers and additives.


Various types of plastic crates for transportation of fruit and vegetables, poultry etc.

Wide range of plastic flanges that assure the transport of film coils and support its storage.

Wide range of plastic cones that accompany the flanges in the film coil support.

Plastic pallets, trunks, mats and label holders.

Lucy Plast also operates in the field of road signage with various accessories.


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We are a leading European company in the recycling and production of regenerated granules of various types, suitable for use in various sectors


All the granules described below are obtained using our manufacturing process, starting with the milling, densification and extrusion of recovered waste materials


Thanks to our laboratory we are able to verify and select the properties and suitability of the recovered materials and the granules produced

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