Granules Regenerated

All the granules described below are obtained using our manufacturing process, starting with the milling, densification and extrusion of recovered waste materials. We collect daily matters is plastics, industrial waste products that regenerate turning them into compound ready to become new objects for different uses.


This is a high and low density regenerated compound:


High density polyethylene, this is a material used for moulding and extrusion.
Black, with other colours available on request.


Low density polyethylene, this is a material used for extrusion and moulding.


This is a regenerated compound available in black, floral, neutral and other colours. Due to its particular technical characteristics it is mainly used in building construction, furnishing, car manufacture, household goods, gardening equipment and packaging. We provide filled materials between zero and 80%, and an MFI of from 4 to 40.
Our formulas are created based on the specific needs of our customers.


This is a regenerated, biodegradable polymer made from waste food-quality wrapping film.


Ground and densified, these are materials that are subjected to the initial processing operation.


Virgin polyethylene and polypropylene derived from oil sector.


They are products which have specific characteristics maintained over time and that after several laboratory studies are made to measure according to the requests of each client.


The moulding department includes a significant range of injection moulding machine of up to 2200 t.


We are a leading European company in the recycling and production of regenerated granules of various types, suitable for use in various sectors


Thanks to our laboratory we are able to verify and select the properties and suitability of the recovered materials and the granules produced

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