Lucyplast was founded in 1977 by Fiorucci Sandro, Duranti Bruno and Meniconi Oliviero because the three founders had known the importance of recycling the huge quantity of waste plastics left over from various types of industrial manufacturing operation. Always sensitive to ecological questions, over the years we have gained great awareness of the critical nature of the environment and the future of our planet, and this influences and directs our corporate decisions towards an increasingly “green” philosophy. Environmental awareness, sustainable development, energy saving, renewable energy sources, are all fundamental concepts in our business plan. Recycling and reuse of materials are recurrent themes in our efficient and responsible strategy, which is based on values such as sustainability, reliability in the protection of and respect for the environment, ethical manufacturing, coherence between thought and action, between industrial plan and personal community.


Respecting the land and people is an absolute ethical value for us, and one that is expressed in our work on a daily basis. Recovering plastic that can no longer be used, preventing it from being discarded into the environment, is the primary activity that has given rise to our virtuous cycle of operations, providing a form of sustainability that is of use to the community and to the environment.


On a day-to-day basis we collect waste plastics, left over from various types of industrial manufacturing operation such as food packaging, wrapping films, bags, boxes, trays, bottles etc. In this way, approximately 20,000 tons of plastic a year are continually recovered and returned to an active, non-stop cycle of treatment and re-use.


Collection, grinding, processing, regeneration and moulding are the main assets for our mission. With skills that have been gained through years of experience, by means of ongoing research and advanced mechanical technology with a ‘zero’ environmental impact, we regenerate plastic waste and transform it into compounds ready to be turned into new objects with various uses.


Recycling is one of the fundamental principles of efficient, sustainable management, and represents a solid alternative to continual, conveyor belt type exploitation of resources. For us, recycling plastic in a continuous virtuous cycle of regeneration and re-use means preserving the planet’s resources for the present and the future.


Our moulding department produces flanges and plastic cones for the storage and transportation of  film reels, certified crates for the fruit and vegetable sector, the dairy sector, etc… and different accessories.


All the granules described below are obtained using our manufacturing process, starting with the milling, densification and extrusion of recovered waste materials.


Thanks to our laboratory, provided of analysis instrument and high technology, we are able to verify and select the properties and suitability of the recovered materials and the granules produced.

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